Church Mural – A community mural

On the 28th of September, 2015 in the bid to eradicate the graffiti mess that was made on the church building, we decided to embark on painting a mural on the building. What was intended for a mural painting soon became a community activity with so many community members involved.

Organised by Tara, different talented artists from different churches around Nambour and passer-bys   were involved in this creative adventure to give the church building a brighter look. Others volunteered to watch over the building while the painters went on breaks and some others committed to supplying food. The mural has become a testimonial of the unity of a community of different people with different backgrounds united for achieving a purpose. It has indeed become a community mural.



  1. James Fleming (curry man) says

    OK blog, so far as it goes. It really needs to be updated with a couple of photos of the completed mural.


    • admin says

      Thanks James. We will be putting some pics up soon. Thank you so much for your efforts – the curries got awesome review.

  2. Tash says

    It really has been lovely coming together with everyone, in the neighborhood and in the church aand seeing the art everyone has been willing to impart onto the mural. This has been a really beautiful time for me growing up and getting to know our Father’s heart better in me and for the community. So thanks everyone for helping me and Daddy grow together and giving us the opportunity to help out Tino and Peter. Much love, Tash xoxoxo

    • admin says

      Thank you so much Tash for all your amazing contributions :)

  3. Andrew Chambers says

    Hi Pastor Peter,What an amazing effort by all included by all it is inspirational journey with GOD,many amazing stories have come out of it from local,and abroad many peoples stories changed through bible study,praying and many other godily talkings.We are grateful for you allowing people to do this project for the people of Sunshine Coast,


    • admin says

      Indeed it was an awesome experience. Just happy that we all could be a part of this awesome experience of making the community look brighter and touching lives

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